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Magicshine was founded in 1999, and has been focused on outdoor lighting areas over the past 20 years.
Our mission is to provide people with high performance and cost-effective lights for extensive outdoor activities. To encourage more sport enthusiasts to extend their full potentials even in darkness.
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Smarter, Brighter
Magicshine SEEMEE 200
Breaking through design conception, brings you real 360° visibility.
Powerful light output, let you be seen day and night.
Smart modes settings, make it all hands free.
Lumen: 200 LM
Maximum Runtime: 50 h
Visibility: 360 °
Distance: 3000 m
Waterproof Rate:IPX6
Weight:1.37 oz
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Ultra Powerful High CRI Flashlight
All-in-One Compact Powerful  Light for Enhanced Riding Experience